Trial Better: A Clinical Trials Research Podcast

A Clinical Trial Podcast

The difference between good and better is experience. With nearly 50 years of experience, ERT is not afraid to ask tough questions. We are proud to bring together respected professionals to exchange new perspectives. Trial Better – a clinical trials best practices series. #trialbetter

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The Value of Engaging Sites in Clinical Trial Development

How can sites accelerate your clinical trial timelines and help you avoid common pitfalls? Listen to our latest podcast with Vivienne Van de Walle, Co-Founder of PT&R – a dedicated clinical trial site in the Netherlands.

Imaging Trends, Strategies, And Best Practices

In this episode join Brett Hoover and Amit Vasanji for a discussion of imaging, including growth trends, best practices, and solutions for achieving high-quality imaging data in your clinical trial.

Modern Data Architecture in Clinical Trials

Increased demands for data as part of the clinical trial process mean sponsors are responsible for storing, managing and analyzing larger amounts of more complex information than ever before. For many, this can be an overwhelming challenge.

FDA Talk – New Blood Pressure Monitoring Guidance

In May of 2018, the FDA issued draft guidance advising sponsors on assessing a drug’s effect on blood pressure during a clinical trial. This guidance is the result of regulators looking for a connection between blood pressure and cardiovascular events during drug therapy.