Trial Better: A Clinical Trials Podcast

A Clinical Trials Podcast

The difference between good and better is experience. With nearly 50 years of experience, ERT is not afraid to ask tough questions. We are proud to bring together respected professionals to exchange new perspectives. Trial Better – a clinical trials best practices series. #trialbetter

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An Inside Look at the Latest ATS/ERS Guidance

ATS and ERS have updated their guidance for pulmonary function testing in both healthcare and clinical research in October 2019 for the first time since 2005. Kevin McCarthy from ERT, a member of the ATS/ERS 2019 Spirometry Update Task Force, joins Trial Better to define the purpose and implications of the guidance as well as its applications in clinical trials.

Passive Health Monitoring: The Future of Clinical Research

Jean-Philippe Couderc, CEO and co-founder of VPG Medical, stops by to explore the challenges and opportunities of passive health monitoring as technologies, like HealthKam, continue to develop, and how they can shape the future of clinical trials.

How to Reduce Data Variability in Respiratory Clinical Trials

Discover how the right technology and services can support sites in generating reliable, refined data with low variability that overcomes patient performance at data capture.

The New Rules of Patient Recruitment

Learn about best practices for patient recruitment, one of the biggest concerns in the clinical trial industry. We’ll discuss the importance of precision recruitment and site-follow up, as well as patient recruitment challenges like diagnosis and eligibility.

Microtransaction Payments for Better eCOA Adherence

Katy Jones from Greenphire discusses how the unification of two dynamic technology solutions can increase clinical trial patent engagement and produce positive outcomes for all stakeholders, potentially improving the patient experience and shortening the overall trial length.

The Basics of BYOD: eCOA and the Patient’s Phone

You’ve heard the acronym but now hear from experts on best practices and what’s working in today’s clinical trials. Katarina Korsback joins us to discuss their recent success implementing a hybrid approach to outcomes collection.

ABPM: Holistic Blood Pressure Data and the Patient Experience – Part 2

In this episode, we address strategies for successful repeat ABPM sessions when a patient is non-compliant, and how ABPM achieves a type of holistic data not possible with other BP measurement methods. Learn more.

ABPM: Improving Data Quality and Patient Compliance – Part 1

The FDA has identified ambulatory blood pressure monitoring as the best option for collecting data about the relationship between blood pressure changes and therapeutic drugs. Find out how to successfully capture ABPM data.

Modern Data Architecture in Clinical Trials

Increased demands for data as part of the clinical trial process mean sponsors are responsible for storing, managing and analyzing larger amounts of more complex information than ever before. For many, this can be an overwhelming challenge.

Imaging Trends, Strategies, And Best Practices

In this episode join Brett Hoover and Amit Vasanji for a discussion of imaging, including growth trends, best practices, and solutions for achieving high-quality imaging data in your clinical trial.

The Value of Engaging Sites in Clinical Trial Development

How can sites accelerate your clinical trial timelines and help you avoid common pitfalls? Listen to our latest podcast with Vivienne Van de Walle, Co-Founder of PT&R – a dedicated clinical trial site in the Netherlands.