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a better way to manage your clinical development

Meet goals and achieve higher quality data, reduced costs, and shortened study timelines with support from ERT.

a better way to manage your trials

Meet clinical development goals and achieve higher quality data, reduced costs, and shortened study timelines with support from ERT.


moving ahead requires a sure path forward

Every detail matters. We spot risks before they become problems and help you avoid costly delays through our latest solution Trial Oversight.


We deliver the flexibility and adaptability you need to overcome challenges for faster speed to market. Here’s how:

230k investigative sites supported
Every trial runs into unexpected challenges. With more than 15,000 trials under our belt, we’ve seen them before and have the expertise to put your trial back on course with our predictive analytics.
25 ready-to-launch analytics tools
We protect  your trial before there’s ever an issue, ensuring its success through near real-time access to study, program and enterprise-level performance.



Cardiac Imaging in Oncology Trials: The Benefits of Advanced Imaging Management Systems

During oncologic drug development, clinical trial sponsors often are required to utilize imaging for monitoring cardiotoxicity. For these cardiac safety trials, as in all trials involving imaging, it matters how images are taken, how they are analyzed, and how the process is monitored.

ERT Cardiac Safety Solution Surpasses 10,000th Clinical Study

Milestone achieved through high precision technology, operational excellence, and continuing innovation.

Transforming Clinical Development with AI: Applications in Imaging and Performance Risk Management

Here we present how a modern data platform enables the use of AI in clinical development and review particular applications for AI in imaging and in performance/risk management, both of which can speed up clinical trials and reduce overall development costs.