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Blue Earth Diagnostics utilizing ERT imaging solution to evaluate a novel imaging agent for potential use to inform brain metastases disease management

PHILADELPHIA – March 1, 2021 – ERT, the global leader in clinical endpoint data collection, today announced that Blue Earth Diagnostics has deployed its innovative imaging solution to support the evaluation of 18F-fluciclovine – a novel PET agent – for potential use in the detection of recurrent brain metastases.

18F-fluciclovine, under the tradename Axumin® (fluciclovine F 18), is a novel molecular imaging agent approved in the US and EU for use in PET imaging to detect and localize recurrent prostate cancer. As Blue Earth Diagnostics now investigates the compound for evaluating recurrent brain metastases, ERT’s advanced imaging solution is providing a multi-modality platform to centralize the standard of reference process, and is pivotal to the robust assessment of diagnostic performance.

“After conducting a thorough search of leading imaging providers in the clinical development industry, we chose to work with ERT due to their breadth of experience and flexibility in designing an imaging protocol that fits our study’s complex needs,” said Eugene Teoh, MD, DPhil, Vice President, Clinical Development, Blue Earth Diagnostics and board-certified radiologist. “We believe that 18F-fluciclovine may have other potential applications in cancer imaging and we are confident that ERT’s advanced imaging solution is the tool we need to help determine its potential in detecting recurrent brain metastases.”

Blue Earth Diagnostics is relying on ERT’s advanced imaging solution to determine if 18F-fluciclovine can provide a more effective assessment of recurrent brain metastases than traditional MRI scanning. ERT’s ability to present the imaging workflow within a single system, thereby eliminating the need to move images between multiple systems was key to Blue Earth Diagnostics’ decision.

“Blue Earth Diagnostics is truly a pioneer in the development of novel PET radiopharmaceuticals,” said Tim Kulbago, Vice President, Imaging, ERT. “We’re honored to provide the imaging support they need in evaluating the clinical utility of 18F-fluciclovine to detect recurrent brain metastases and look forward to an ongoing relationship as they explore the full diagnostic potential of this imaging agent.”

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