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ERS International Congress 2018

Visit ERT representatives at stand C-11A at the European Respiratory Society (ERS) International Congress 2018 to see how ERT can help you optimize pulmonary function data quality for better patient and site performance, increase protocol compliance and reduce investigative site burden.

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SCDM 2018

Join Nick Neri, ERT’s Director of Data Integration & Services, for “Single Source of Truth, Integrations or IoT (Internet of Things): Exploring Ways to Improve Connectedness of Clinical Data” at 3:30 on September 25.

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Marcus Evans Evolution Summit USA

Join Brion Regan, ERT’s Director, Product Management, Trial Oversight, as he presents “Saving Time & Money Through More Proactive Trial Management” at the Marcus Evans Evolution Summit USA in September.

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DPharm: Disruptive Innovations to Advance Clinical Trials

Precision medicine, patient centricity and big data bring increasing complexity to clinical trials — complexity that requires novel approaches and new technologies to support success. Voice assistant technology and artificial intelligence (AI), including machine learning, will become the norm in the very near future, so companies must prepare now.

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Outsourcing in Clinical Trials – Southern CA

Oncology trials are complex and prone to variability ― assessment of tumor response is typically unstructured, prone to errors, and inefficient. Join Amit Vasanji, PhD, ERT’s Chief Technology Officer for Imaging, as he presents, “Leveraging Technology to Manage Risk in Imaging Scoring Systems.”

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Partnerships in Clinical Trials Europe

Join us in Barcelona, Spain for our presentations, “BYOD: A Game-Changer for Sponsors, Sites and Patients,” “Beyond Risk-based Monitoring: Employing Risk-based Management,” and attend our debate, “What single activity will change our industry the most by 2030?”

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