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Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

This Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (this “Code”) applies to all directors, officers and full-time, part-time, temporary/intermittent and contract employees (collective, “Employee or Employees”) of Explorer Holdings, Inc., eResearchTechnology, Inc. and its subsidiaries (collectively, “ERT”).   We require the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct. Our reputation for honesty and integrity among our customers, employees, vendors, and stockholders is key to the success of our business. This Code reflects our commitment to a culture of honesty, integrity and accountability and outlines the basic principles and policies with which all employees, officers and directors are expected to comply. Please read this Code carefully.  Your cooperation is necessary to the continued success of our business and the cultivation and maintenance of our reputation as a good corporate citizen. Any questions or concerns regarding anything contained in or referenced by this Code should be directed to eResearchTechnology, Inc.’s Vice President, Human Resources (”VP-HR”) or your local office designee who is responsible for administering the Code.  You may have an employment agreement with ERT, or have otherwise signed confidentiality or other agreement with ERT (collectively, the “Agreements”). You have been provided an employee handbook, policies and standard operating procedures from ERT (collectively, the “Documents”). This Code does not replace the Agreements or Documents, and the Agreements and Documents remain in full force and effect.  If anything contained in the Agreements or Documents conflict with this Code, this Code shall govern.  Click here for ERT’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.