Why are Clinical Outcome Assessments Increasingly Important in Oncology Clinical Trials?

On Nov 26 at 05: pm JST, Dr. Valdo Arnera will be presenting: “Why are Clinical Outcome Assessments increasingly important in Oncology Clinical Trials?”.

While survival remains the most critical endpoint in oncology studies, collecting the voice of the patient is becoming an important criterion in the evaluation of the benefit/risk balance of a new compound. Health authorities all over the world are pushing pharma companies to capture more accurate data from the patient using eCOA solutions.


Electronic data capture is simpler for patients whilst also maintaining confidentiality and privacy. Given the current environment around COVID, eCOA technologies are an ideal solution for the decentralized clinical trials approach pharma companies are implementing in their trial designs.


At the end of this eCOA in Oncology presentation, you will have a better understanding of the acceptance of eCOA solutions by patients and sites, and how this technology can simplify and ensure the collection of high-quality data for oncology studies.




COVID-19の影響もあり、バーチャルトライアルや医療機関への来院に依存しない臨床試験(DCT) が話題になりつつあります。

ERTではそのような状況を受け、来る11月26日に弊社Valdo Arnera博士による「腫瘍学の臨床試験において、なぜ臨床転帰評価(Clinical Outcome Assessmentsがますます重要になるのか」をテーマにしたWebセミナーを開催する運びとなりました。








Dr. Valdo Arnera, MD

Scientific Advisor & General Manager ERT Geneva

An MD by training, Valdo has 30+ years of experience in the pharma industry. After having practiced medicine, he started in the industry as a clinical pharmacologist at Ciba-Geigy. He then founded the 1st European Central Clinical Lab for clinical trials, SciCor (now Covance Central Lab) in 1992. He joined PHT in 2000, and founded its European affiliate in 2001. PHT was the 1st European modern ePRO provider and Dr Arnera is seen as one of the world pioneers in the ePRO/eCOA field. ERT acquired PHT in 2015. Dr. Arnera currently serves as a Scientific Advisor and the General Manager of ERT Geneva. ERT develops products that facilitate data capture in clinical trials, using mobile and web technologies to collect data from patients and doctors.

Dr. Valdo Arnera, MD

サイエンティフィックアドバイザー兼ゼネラルマネージャ / ERTジュネーブ




PHTはヨーロッパで最初の革新的なePROプロバイダーであり、Dr. ArneraはePRO/eCOA分野の世界的先駆者のひとりと見られています。

2015年にERTがPHTを買収。Dr. Arneraは現在、ERTジュネーブのサイエンティフィックアドバイザーおよびゼネラルマネージャーを務めています。