Solving Complex Challenges In Clinical Research Through Advanced Imaging Technology

Automation and technology help you overcome unnecessary risk, delays, and added expense in clinical trials while providing objectivity, consistency, and transparency.

In this webinar, Andrew Miesse, Product Portfolio Manager at Medtronic, and Amit Vasanji, Chief Technology Officer of Imaging with ERT, will discuss how Medtronic used tech-driven imaging to prove the efficacy of their staples for wound healing and best practices for implementing imaging technology.

Key takeaways include:

  • The top 3 benefits of using tech-driven imaging.
  • How technology can deliver a 20% reduction in errors compared to a traditional approach and provide greater data objectivity and consistency
  • What to expect when implementing tech-driven imaging, including common pitfalls and the modifications your organization would need to make

Use technology to deliver improved data quality and real-time insights, giving you confidence in the results you submit to regulators.