Minimizing Risk in Imaging Clinical Trials

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Imaging is increasingly being requested by regulators when evaluating clinical trial data. In fact, imaging in clinical trials has grown by 700% since 2001. But imaging also adds a whole new level of risk and complexity to clinical trials. From compliance, site inconsistencies and image transfer issues to subjective assessments, incomplete data and timeline delays, study teams need to manage through greater levels of risk and complexity.

Join us for a discussion that explores how to overcome these and other challenges to ensure imaging success. You’ll discover how to reduce protocol, reporting and technology risks as well as better assess onsite and remote quality controls. This thought-provoking webinar will arm you with best-practice approaches and planning techniques for incorporating imaging successfully in your next clinical trial. Register today!

Presented by:

Timothy J. Kulbago
Vice President, Imaging

Sandra Maddock, RN
CEO and President