Early Precision QT (EPQT) Methodology

ECGs collected and analyzed during routine early-phase studies using EPQT can provide reliable cardiac safety information that replaces the data historically derived from high-cost TQT studies.

By implementing EPQT into a Phase I study, sponsors can:

  • Obtain precise, actionable data earlier in the drug development process
  • More cost-effectively characterize QT effect
  • Potentially qualify for a TQT waiver

Join Borje Darpo, MD, PhD, ERT’s Chief Scientific Office of Cardiac Safety, for a discussion of the differentiators of the EPQT methodology and achieve a better understanding of this unique and potentially cost-saving offering.


Borje Darpo


Chief Scientific Officer of Cardiac Safety

As ERT’s Chief Scientific Officer, Borje Darpo, MD, PhD oversees ERT’s cardiology services and consults with external customers to ensure the cardiac safety of their compounds in development. He is board certified in cardiology and internal medicine and has 20 years of experience overseeing projects across all phases of clinical development.