Oncology: Why the Increased Use of Electronic PRO and Other Clinical Outcome Assessments?

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While survival remains the most critical endpoint in oncology studies, the evolution of new treatment strategies and drug mechanisms of action to treat cancer have prompted a more holistic look at understanding the impact of treatment on the patient. As a result, there has been an increase of electronic PRO & electronic observer-reported outcome (ObsRO) instruments used as the mechanism for understanding and intervening on the clinical health status of an oncology patient.

Join us for a discussion that explores this trend and reveals how to overcome the challenges facing scientific and clinical operational alternatives including shorter and more frequent assessments, mitigation of caregiver halo effects, and the shifting focus of patient-reported outcomes to caregiver/observer-reported outcomes.

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Presented by:

Tim Sannes, PhD
Palliative Care & Aging Research Fellow in Behavioral Immunology and Endocrinology
University of Colorado

Sarah Tressel Gary, PhD
Associate Director, Clinical Outcomes