June 14-18, Washington, DC – Visit Us at Booths #2025 and 2000


ERT Live Sessions at DIA 2015

Meet ERT at Booth 2025 during scheduled times throughout DIA to see how we innovate better health.  From an open town hall discussion with our CEO, Jim Corrigan, on ERT’s recent acquisition of eCOA leader PHT to novel solutions for trial site selection and more  — including the next big thing in trial data visibility, ERT Insights Cloud — check out our complete demo schedule and prepare to be amazed.

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Presenter: Jim Corrigan, CEO ERT

This year, ERT has evolved as the largest single-source provider of comprehensive eCOA solutions, making it easier, faster and more convenient for sponsors and CROs to collect data from patients electronically. Learn how the convergence of PHT and ERT eCOA brings an intensified order of magnitude for clinical science research.

[/toggle][toggle title=”Simplifying Site Workflow: Wireless ECG / eCOA Tablet Integration” color=”Default”]

Presenter: Chris Neppes

Integrating ECG data wirelessly with eCOA data reduces site burden while increasing data integrity. Learn how ERT’s fluid ECG integration with eCOA (and other vital endpoints in the future) via the wireless ECG / eCOA tablet solution at the clinic increases staff efficiency and improves patient care.

[/toggle][toggle title=”What’s Happening @ the ERT Innovation Lab?” color=”Default”]

Presenter: Jim Munz

The ERT Innovation Lab capitalizes on the acceleration and diversification of technological advances for use in new medical product development and broad clinical care.  Learn how the Lab facilitates the development of concepts through actions that both identify and remove barriers for inclusion in future projects and/or solutions at ERT. We are reducing risk while expanding the art of the possible.

[/toggle][toggle title=”Medication Tracking: Using Technology to Improve Results” color=”Default”]

Presenter: Karin Beckstrom

Medication tracking by patients between visits is often difficult, prone to error and subject to recall bias. It does not allow clinicians to react in real-time to any new drugs taken during the trial that could affect patient safety, eligibility and trial results. Learn how the Medication Module for eCOA allows for easier tracking and less burdensome data collection.

[/toggle][toggle title=”Improving Patient Recruitment and Retention Through eCOA” color=”Default”]

Presenter: Karin Beckstrom

Patient recruitment and retention are everyone’s burden.  Learn how ERT apps increase patient engagement and protocol compliance while helping to reduce the average 18% trial patient dropout rate across the industry.

[/toggle][toggle title=”Ground breaking SF-36 Mode Equivalence and eCOA Patient Preference Study Results ” color=”Default”]

Presenter: Susan Dallabrida

The most frequently used PRO instrument in clinical trials is the Short-Form 36 Health Survey version 2.0 (SF-36v2®) used to measure functional health and well-being from the patient’s point of view. Learn results from the 2014 equivalence study conducted by ERT in four disease groups (osteoarthritis, COPD, depression and type II diabetes).

[/toggle][toggle title=”Improving Data Consistency Through Standardized Rater Training ” color=”Default”]

Presenter: Susan Dallabrida

Rater training is used within clinical trials to improve the consistency of subjective data collected from interviewers – and has been proven to reduce rater errors and standardize scale administration. Learn how ERT Rater Training customizes instruction on each instrument’s design and scales, with training specific to the instrument’s electronic implementation (named 2015 Innovation by PharmaVoice).

[/toggle][toggle title=”ERT’s Research Pipeline: What’s Coming Up Next?” color=”Default”]

Presenter: Susan Dallabrida

Ongoing research by ERT clinical scientists generates evidence on how patients, caregivers, clinicians and site staff understand and use electronic clinical data collection modalities. Learn how the eCOA Research Pipeline enables the ERT Clinical Science and Consulting team to design more intuitive and appealing screens to collect definitive endpoints and enhance patient/physician communications.  

[/toggle][toggle title=”Getting to the Trial of the Future” color=”Default”]

Presenter: Scott Dixon

By leveraging patient-centric approaches and innovative home-monitoring technologies, clinical trials can be designed to simplify and enhance the process for patients to find, enroll and remain active in clinical trials, resulting in lower R&D costs.

[/toggle][toggle title=”ERT Insights Cloud: Real-Time Insights Across All Clinical Data Sources ” color=”Default”]

Presenter: Brion Regan

A first-in-class solution, the Insights Cloud delivers unparalleled visibility and control across the disparate systems and diverse teams being used to conduct clinical trials across the globe. A live demo will include cross-study KPI dashboards, safety and efficacy endpoint trending plus data analytics on site risk and performance indicators, leveraging real-time data integration from any clinical system.

[/toggle][toggle title=”MasterScope® 2.0: The New, All-In-One Respiratory and Multi-Endpoint Platform” color=”Default”]

Presenter: Hung Huynh

Optimize your cardiopulmonary trials by integrating Spirometry, 12-lead ECG, eCOA and FeNO in one high performance system with ERT’s latest MasterScope. Learn more about customizable, protocol-specific workflows, biometric user identification for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and a multi-boot option so one device can support multiple studies.

[/toggle][toggle title=”Site Selection Analytics: Performance Data on Over 40,000 Sites to Ensure Study Success” color=”Default”]

Presenter: Brion Regan

Improve enrollment performance and endpoint data quality before your next trial even begins! See a live demo of ERT’s Site Selection Analytics solution and learn how you can leverage historic and real-time performance data on 40,000 sites and millions of endpoints − select only the highest performing sites based on prior patient enrollment trends, clinical data quality and operational efficiency.

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Remember That? Choosing Recall Intervals for Patient-Reported Outcome Measures

Dr. Chad Gwaltney (with Elektra Papadopoulos, FDA and Arthur Stone, USC) Tuesday, June 16:  8:00 am

The effect of the number of ECG replicates per timepoint on QTc within subject variability in a QT study

Dr. Bob Kleiman Wednesday, June 19; 10:30 am

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Approaches to the Collection of Electronic Patient-Reported Outcome Data in Clinical Trials

Dr. Chad Gwaltney, session chair (w/ ePRO Consortium) Thursday, June 18;  9:00 am

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# T27:  Lack of inter-ethnic difference in QT-susceptibility to moxifloxacin: Two independent TQT studies in Caucasian and Asian populations

Dr. Yanning Wang, FDA Tuesday, June 16; 9-4:00 pm

#T11:  The case for electronic data capture of abdominal pain in Crohn’s disease: A comparison of diary methods

Dr. Susan Dallabrida Tuesday, June 16:  9-4:00 pm

#T29:  Measurement Equivalence of the SF-36v2 on a Handheld Device and Smartphone App

Dr. LeighAnn Kelly-Lichter Tuesday, June 16:  9-4:00 pm

#W04:  Review of Adherence Measures for Use in Phase IV Studies and Recommendations for a New Standardized Generic Measure

Dr. Colleen McHorney Wednesday, June 17; 9-4:00 pm