Setting up a Schizophrenia trial with confidence

Starting a clinical trial can be an overwhelming process, as best practices and regulatory guidance are constantly shifting. To help you get your study up and running successfully, ERT’s eCOA Clinical Science and Consulting Team have developed this guide as a useful resource for schizophrenia clinical trials.

Download the Schizophrenia therapeutic area guide to set up your trial for success

Here is a quick overview of the schizophrenia therapeutic area guide’s main topics

Common assessments

Ensure you’re using the most appropriate assessments for your schizophrenia trial

Regulatory guidance

Are you aware of the latest FDA and EMA guidance?

Literature best practice

Get access to the FDA-NIMH_MATRICS guidelines and insights on the use of eCOA on people with schizophrenia


Understand how training can increase accuracy of results

ERT’s Integrated Customer Solutions for Schizophrenia Clinical Trials

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If you’d like to discuss your protocol in more detail, or get additional insights from our experts, contact the eCOA Clinical Science and Consulting Team.

Laura Khurana, MPH

Principal Scientific Advisor

Lindsay Hughes, PHD

Principal Scientific Advisor

Asia Kessler, PHD

Senior Scientific Advisor

Jenny Ly, PHD

Senior Scientific Advisor

Kelly Dumais, PHD

Senior Scientific Advisor