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Brion Regan, Product Manager, ERT will be presenting the following session on Tuesday, January 24th at 12:05 pm

Hyatt Regency Miami
Miami, FL

How One Mid-Sized CRO Turned the challenge of Sponsor Variability into an Opportunity to Run More Efficient Trials

Contract Research Organizations (CROs) are ground zero for both the increasingly complex challenges and innovation opportunities our industry faces today. Two key challenges these organizations face is process and system variability across customers (different systems, monitoring report templates, oversight requirements, etc.). This presentation will explore how one mid-sized CRO turned these challenges into an opportunity for innovation, including the delivery of data analytics combined with modern CTMS capabilities to provide near real-time visibility into mission critical study trends that enable proactive operations, automating repetitive manual tasks across trials, and providing better visibility for all trial stakeholders to foster unrivaled collaboration.

Key Learnings Include:

− Uncovering the hidden costs of spreadsheets- alleviating resource demands and quality concerns through data analytics

− Using a centralized trial oversight platform to integrate clinical operations, data management, and medical monitoring processes

− Unlock the hidden insights of your data with the click of a mouse