SCIENCE BRIEF – Regulatory & ISPOR Update – Training Patients, Caregivers and Site Staff – Susan M. Dallabrida, Ph.D.

Not your average Rater Training, ERT outcomes reliability training not only ensures consistency across clinicians and site staff raters, but also across patients and caregivers. All from the world’s #1 cloud based eCOA provider.

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ERT’s Outcomes Reliability Training Experience

Clinicians & Investigators Trained
Patients Trained
Caregivers Trained

ERT’s Rater Training for Outcomes Reliability Includes:

Interactive Video Training and Quizzes
Enhancing the user experience to increase compliance and retention while reducing pre-existing respondent bias and misunderstanding of measurement parameters

Customized Training Deployed Directly on the eCOA Device
Efficiencies for ease of use and flexibility to refer back to training as needed using a single device for training and eCOA

Automated Gating Process
Ensures training and/or qualification occur before completion of eCOA assessments

Rater Remediation
Green light reporting and real time on-line notifications expedite remediation

View all of ERT’s instrument experience here.

Clinical Data Surveillance 
Risk based monitoring with algorithms, audio/video screening, and clinical data validation are options to guide remediation in-study

Global Language and Scientific Expertise
Customized training in over 85 languages with best practice techniques from industry leading clinical scientists & subject matter experts

Operational Efficiencies
One system. One log-in. One partnership. Reduce time and costs with clinical research innovations


Innovating the clinical trial process with safety advancements and real time monitoring for efficient and reliable outcomes