ERT’s Brett Hoover and Amit Vasanji examine the massive growth trends in demand for imaging, and discuss how sponsors and CROs can develop strategies and incorporate technologies that enable them to achieve better, more thorough, and less costly imaging data.

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Brett Hoover, Product Management team lead for ERT’s imaging product line, is joined by Amit Vasanji, Chief Technology Officer of imaging at ERT, for a look at imaging trends, strategies, and best practices in the clinical trial industry. How can using imaging effectively reduce cost? What impact will innovative imaging approaches have on a trial? What do sponsors need to know in order to maximize the benefits of imaging?


The Growth of Imaging in Clinical Trials

Over the last ten years, more advanced technologies have enabled imaging to shift from a qualitative to quantitative practice. Automated imaging analysis can reduce costs and provide consistent, objective data, improving patient safety and treatment efficacy. These developments, among others, have made imaging data more valuable to regulators and other audiences, including patients, payers and providers. The expectation for high-quality imaging data as part of a trial is more prevalent than ever before.


Best Practices for Using Imaging in Clinical Trials

It isn’t possible to maximize the implementation of imaging in a clinical trial by waiting until the last minute. Case studies that demonstrate a successful use of imaging make apparent the importance of two things: planning and equipment auditing. Waiting to address imaging requirements or audit imaging equipment available at study sites are two common missteps.


Finding the Right Imaging Partner

In order to ensure they’re using the most innovative, effective imaging techniques, sponsors and CROs should partner with an organization that offers a deep understanding of how to work with imaging technologies to develop custom protocols. Flexibility and creativity lead to effective imaging partnerships that reduce costs and provide accurate data on time.


Amit Vasanji, Ph.D., is Chief Technology Officer, Imaging at ERT. Amit has over 17 years of experience in basic and clinical research image acquisition, processing, analysis, visualization, and biomedical software engineering.  His research has been published in a broad array of peer-reviewed journals and he is frequently invited to speak at international events on effective processes for optimizing imaging results in clinical development. In his current role at ERT, Amit oversees the scientific feasibility and design of ERT’s image management solution and is responsible for the development and integration of customized image analysis algorithms into clinical trial workflows.