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Image-Analysis Software Sees Cancer in 3D

Read how imaging software, custom-developed by ERT to help NASA ensure astronaut safety, is benefiting life on Earth through applications in embolism and aneurysm clinical research, as well as its potential for use in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

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Patient-Focused Drug Development

Hear from ERT’s Jim Munz and Karin Beckstrom and other industry experts on how new technologies are helping biopharmaceutical companies bring more of the patient voice into the clinical development process.

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ERT to Expand APAC Operations

ERT, a global data and technology company that minimizes uncertainty and risk in clinical trials, has announced it will move its Japan-based offices to an expanded facility in central Tokyo this spring.

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Wearables in Clinical Trials

Wearables are improving the clinical trial experience for patients and satisfying the need to collect data for real-world use studies. This article – featuring comments from ERT’s Karin Beckstrom – reviews how connected health (including wearable devices and mHealth technology) is providing the industry with an opportunity for real-world patient-centric trials.

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What’s Trending: Voice Assistants

Learn from industry experts – including ERT’s Karin Beckstrom – about how smart speakers and Voice Assistance (VA) technology are improving healthcare as well as pharma’s clinical development and commercialization processes.

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Looking Forward to….

Hear from ERT’s Chief Data Officer – Prakriteswar Santikary, PhD – on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help clinical trial sponsors cut costs, improve data quality, and reduce trial times, helping them get new medications to market sooner.

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Accelerating Development

Here we review how a Risk-Based Quality Management (RBQM) approach to trial oversight can overcome many of the challenges facing clinical trial sponsors today ─ delivering the highest quality data, study performance improvements, and significant cost savings throughout their clinical trials.

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