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Accelerating Development

Here we review how a Risk-Based Quality Management (RBQM) approach to trial oversight can overcome many of the challenges facing clinical trial sponsors today ─ delivering the highest quality data, study performance improvements, and significant cost savings throughout their clinical trials.

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Therapeutic Innovation and Regulatory Science

Published on behalf of the ePRO Consortium, this article recommends a structured framework for training site personnel and study participants in order to optimize the advantages clinical trial sponsors can gain from using ePRO data collection systems.

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Risk-based Quality Management: The New Normal

This article reviews how clinical trial sponsors who take a risk-based approach to trial planning, management, and oversight can improve data quality, protocol compliance, enrollment and retention, ultimately achieving significant clinical development cost and time savings.

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Digital Technology Changing the Face of Clinical Research

This article presents the opinions of industry thought leaders – including ERT’s Chief Technology Officer, Don Ragas – on how clinical trial sponsors and CROs are leveraging technology solutions to address the clinical development challenges facing the industry today and in the future.

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Assessing Cardiac Safety in Phase I

Learn how clinical trial sponsors who conduct QT assessments during Phase I can harness the power of early knowledge to better inform their development decisions while saving considerable time and money.

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Imaging Innovations

Learn how a combination of advanced technology and effective site radiologist training enables sponsors to reduce error rates and ensure the highest quality data when imaging endpoints are used in oncology clinical trials.

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