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Digital Technology Changing the Face of Clinical Research

This article presents the opinions of industry thought leaders – including ERT’s Chief Technology Officer, Don Ragas – on how clinical trial sponsors and CROs are leveraging technology solutions to address the clinical development challenges facing the industry today and in the future.

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Assessing Cardiac Safety in Phase I

Learn how clinical trial sponsors who conduct QT assessments during Phase I can harness the power of early knowledge to better inform their development decisions while saving considerable time and money.

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Imaging Innovations

Learn how a combination of advanced technology and effective site radiologist training enables sponsors to reduce error rates and ensure the highest quality data when imaging endpoints are used in oncology clinical trials.

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How to Improve Patient Outcomes with Digital Health

This article presents the factors that are critical in designing effective patient support solutions and reviews learnings from a recent workshop that demonstrate the importance of understanding, recognizing and solving real problems in order to truly impact  health outcomes.

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Patient Centered Apps

This article – featuring comments by ERT’s Tim Davis – outlines how the pharmaceutical industry is overcoming long-standing challenges to develop more patient centered apps that enable all patients to manage their conditions and achieve better health outcomes.

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