Evaluation of the Effect of 5 QT‐Positive Drugs on the JTpeak Interval

An Analysis of ECGs From the IQ‐CSRC Study

In this study, performed by ERT’s Dr. Borje Darpo in collaboration with industry representatives, the novel safety biomarker JTpeak was evaluated on the IQ-CSRC study ECG waveforms. The study confirms that drugs which prolong the QTc interval based on pure hERG inhibition prolong both the QTc and the JTpeak interval. Two mixed ion channel blocking drugs (dolasetron and quinine), that also have effects on the PR and QRS intervals, prolonged the QTc interval without effects on the JTpeak interval. The study suggests that the specificity of JTpeak as a novel safety biomarker must be further studied.


Evaluation of the Effect of 5 QT-Positive Drugs on the JTpeak Interval