ERT Announces eCOA Multimedia, Enhancing Patient Data Capture with Photo and Audio in Clinical Trials

Evaluate drug efficacy more accurately using a single, easy-to-use device

PHILADELPHIA – February 23, 2021 – ERT, the global leader in clinical endpoint data collection, today announced a powerful new solution for enabling the collection, processing and analysis of photos and audio as part of clinical trial eCOA assessments. This solution promises to streamline and drive patient compliance with data collection, while safeguarding patient privacy, confidentiality and data security.

ERT’s eCOA Multimedia solution allows patients to minimize site visits by enabling them to capture and send important files to the study’s database from home. For sites and sponsors, not only can they continue to put patient safety at the forefront of their trials, but they can keep their trials on track during COVID-19, while capturing higher quality, often additional information to support new drug development across multiple therapeutic areas.

ERT Announces eCOA Multimedia, Enhancing Patient Data Capture with Photo and Audio in Clinical Trials

Many clinical trials, like those in dermatology, skin cancer and CNS disorders require photos or audio to demonstrate the efficacy of new treatments. Other trials, like those in biologics, require photos to monitor local reaction to injection sites in order to support, for example, a new vaccine’s safety profile. Previously, patients were required to visit an investigative site to have photographs taken with a dedicated camera, adding burden to site staff and increasing patients’ risk of exposure to COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

By augmenting eCOA data collection with photo and audio on one device, ERT’s eCOA Multimedia provides a more holistic view of a patient’s condition and enables them and site personnel to more easily and conveniently monitor changes over time. The solution draws on the combination of ERT’s global leadership in eCOA and its deep experience and reputation for innovation in clinical trial imaging. It delivers a seamlessly integrated multimedia workflow giving central reviewers advanced tools for measurement analysis and patient identity protection.

“Our eCOA Multimedia solution offers simplicity for sites and patients while delivering the high quality information clinical trial sponsors need to determine the safety and efficacy of new medical treatments,” said Elisa Cascade, Executive Vice President of eCOA at ERT. “By unifying our proven eCOA, Imaging and processing capabilities into one solution, we’ve streamlined the collection of these important data, which will ultimately lead to improved treatment options for patients with, for example, skin conditions, CNS and other disorders.” 

eCOA Multimedia delivers significant advantages in CNS studies, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, where patients complete cognitive assessments to determine disease progression and treatment effect. Central raters are able to review audio recordings of these assessments to ensure consistent, high quality clinician assessments and scoring. The clinician is also able to take a photo of any cognitive puzzles or pictures the patient has completed as part of the assessment, on the same eCOA device, to allow progression to be visually monitored over time. 

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