Designing a Fast, Scalable Data Platform

Learn how to address the data quality and integration issues that arise as data size and complexity increases in the clinical development of new medical products.

There are new technologies that contribute to the speed and scale of a modern data platform. But as data size and complexity increase with Big Data, data quality, and data integration issues must still be addressed.

Similar to many other mission-critical data management situations, clinical trials are fraught with missteps and data quality issues. This presentation focuses on the architecture of a modern, cloud-based, real-time data integration and analytics platform that ingests any type of clinical data (structured, unstructured, binary, lab values, etc.) at scale from any data sources. Attention is paid to assembling the architectural building blocks of a modern data platform, including the benefits of a “serverless” data pipeline, cloud architecture and deployment, microservices, continuous integration and deployment pipeline, platform scalability, data governance, and master data management.