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Need help controlling the chaos?

Clinical trials have grown increasingly complex as sponsors and CROs are required to work across multiple technologies and data sources, each with its own unique characteristics and inconsistent reporting structure. And, with evolving International Council for Harmonization (ICH) regulations, compliance has become a shared responsibility between sponsors and CROs that requires a more collaborative and transparent approach to nurturing long-term relationships.


Simplify the complexity in clinical trials.

Insights CloudTM simplifies complex relationships by providing sponsors and CROs real-time visibility into all trial data. With this greater visibility comes faster, more informed decision-making, resulting in accelerated timelines, greater efficiencies and shared goals achieved.

Every healthy relationship needs transparency, flexibility and accountability.


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Insights Cloud Delivers Real Benefits for:

Sponsors CROs
Transparency to provide common understanding for effective collaboration.
Sponsors gain oversight into trial monitoring and clinical data to help increase compliance, reach decisions faster and ensure patient safety. CROs provide sponsors with operational and clinical data visibility to reassure them that KPIs are being met, provide them with the proper clinical evidence and build long-term trust.
Flexibility to integrate any data source, Insights Cloud turns disparate data streams into real-time actionable information.
Sponsors can choose any best-of-breed technology or data source that best suits their needs and budget, while tailoring reports depending on trial status of phase. CROs have the ability to support any technology integration or data source required by each sponsor, and report to each of their unique needs.
Accountability with real-time access to trial performance to enable risk mitigation and move ahead quickly with confidence.
Sponsors can hold CROs accountable for meeting agreed-upon performance targets without the level of effort currently required to manage them. CROs can have the freedom to operate without continuous reporting to prove that operational KPIs are being met.

Insights Cloud is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution available through a study-based subscription model. It can easily scale from a single-site study to a global, multi-site study. Accessible from any web browser, Insights Cloud does not require upgrades, patches, IT support or infrastructure. It can be deployed on new or ongoing trials without disrupting underlying electronic data capture (EDC) or clinical trial management systems (CTMS) technologies.

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Clinical Trial Oversight and Collaboration
Use Insights Cloud to transform your disconnected systems and complex relationships into a scalable, integrated platform.


Data Analytics & Visualization
Use Insights Cloud to gain visibility into mission-critical trial performance metrics and convert into real-time actionable data.


View investigative site trends and comparative performance with Centralized Data Surveillance

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