The ERT Insights Cloud delivers unparalleled visibility and control across the disparate systems and diverse teams being used to conduct clinical trials across the globe. Leveraging ERT’s EXPERT Central Platform, that includes vendor-agnostic integration capabilities with any clinical system, and a proprietary analytics engine, the Insights Cloud transforms silos of data into holistic business intelligence, with no disruption to underlying systems. With all of your data centralized in a standard format and harmonized in a secure cloud environment, ERT’s Insights Cloud can deliver unlimited insights across your clinical trials and development programs.

ERT offers One platform for ALL data regardless of the data collection technology. This means you can gain a holistic view of key risk and performance indicators without changing, impacting, or manually extracting data from your existing eClinical technologies.

Delivered through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, ERT’s Insights Cloud Solutions are available through a study-based subscription model, and can scale up from a single study to an enterprise. Accessible from any web-browser, the Insights Cloud does not require upgrades, patches, IT support, or infrastructure. It can be deployed on new or ongoing trials without disrupting underlying data capture technologies.

  • Data Access – Data integration, and bi-directional data sharing with any eClinical system in real-time.
  • Analytics – SaaS solution with dashboards delivering key performance metrics, and risk indicators from all source systems.
  • Workflow – Applications for Trial Management, Data Management, and Endpoint Adjudication

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