Outsourcing in Clinical Trials – Southern CA

Oncology trials are complex and highly variable ― assessment of tumor response is typically unstructured, prone to errors, and inefficient. Join Amit Vasanji, PhD, ERT’s Chief Technology Officer for Imaging, as he presents, “Leveraging Technology to Manage Risk in Imaging Scoring Systems.”

In this discussion, he’ll explore the comparative effectiveness of various tumor response assessment methods and examine the standard of care vs. computer-assisted response evaluation. Key questions to be answered include:

  • Given the significant number of oncologic scoring systems with complicated workflows and guidelines, which system is the most appropriate for your protocol?
  • How can you leverage technology to manage multiple scoring systems in one trial?
  • How can technology eliminate common errors, improve documentation and increase reader efficiency for improved trial outcomes at a reduced cost?
  • In addition to Amit’s presentation, be sure to visit our booth to discuss your upcoming trial needs with an ERT representative

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