ATS 2019

During ATS, ERT is providing demos of our recently launched respiratory device, SpiroSphere – the industry’s first and only spirometer designed specifically for use in global clinical trials at booth #3636.

SpiroSphere is a first-of-its-kind solution that enables pharmaceutical companies to improve clinical trial efficiencies and confidently evaluate the respiratory efficacy and safety of novel medical treatments during clinical development.

Visit ERT at Booth #3636 for a demo of SpiroSphere and ERT’s other innovative clinical trial solutions.

In designing SpiroSphere, we worked closely with leading pharmaceutical companies, key opinion leaders, investigative sites and patients to build the industry’s first spirometer designed with the needs of all of these clinical trial users in mind. While other spirometers evolved for use in clinical trials after originating as healthcare devices, SpiroSphere was purpose-built, using the latest technology to deliver highly precise, research-grade data.

For example, SpiroSphere optimizes data collection while reducing site burden through a pre-calibrated, patient-friendly pneumotach sensor combined with a cordless, compact, touch screen tablet providing freedom of movement and ease of use for both site personnel and patients. Automated, study-specific workflows guide users and patients to perform proper testing maneuvers through a series of intuitive on-screen instructions and test results in real-time to ensure the highest quality data are captured.

And, SpiroSphere enables site personnel to maintain dual focus on both the patient and data quality: smart technology like the built-in biometric fingerprint scanner ensures only trained personnel can operate the device. As connectivity is enabled via built-in Wi‑Fi, Ethernet or mobile networks, test results are seamlessly uploaded to ERT’s EXPERT platform for centralized review and insights, and program updates are deployed quickly and conveniently for sites.