DIA Annual Global Meeting

As the largest, longest-running event in the life sciences industry, DIA Annual is designed to foster the international exchange of actionable insights to improve health globally through the advancement of lifesaving medicines and technologies.

ERT experts will be giving presentations on topics such as IoT and ways to improve clinical data, key data integration challenges, risks and requirements for using blockchain technology in clinical trials, BYOD and more!

June 24; 11:00 am – Room 11A: “BYOD The Current State of Play & Future Potential for Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments
by Chris Watson, PhD , Director, Product Strategy, eCOA, ERT

June 25; 8:00 am – Room 1AB:: “Single Source of Truth, Integrations, or IoT: Exploring Ways to Improve Connectedness of Clinical Data
Nick Neri, Director, Data Integration and Services, Center of Excellence, ERT

June 26; 8:00 am – Room 11A: “Disruptive Technology Transforming clinical Trials: The Case for Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Mobile Tech/Wearables
by Karin Beckstrom, Sr. Product Manager, ERT

June 26; 2:00 pm – Room 10: “Training for the Electronic Capture of PRO Data in Clinical Trials: Views from ePRO Vendors, Sponsors, Sites, and Patients
by Jenny Ly, PhD, Clinical Science Advisor, ERT

Additional topics being presented by ERT scientists during the poster sessions on June 25 and 26 include:

– Exploring Accuracy of Abdominal Pain Reporting with and without Specific Instruction
– Patients Are Uncomfortable to be as Honest When Discussing Depression Symptoms During Recorded Interviews
– Patient Understanding of Rescue Medication: Value of Patient Training on Reporting Rescue Medication Use
– Subject Training Substantially Improves Understanding of Key Terminology in Gastrointestinal Trials
– Common Symptom Terminology is Frequently Misunderstood

Stop by booth 1231 and discover why ERT has been the trusted analytics, data, and technology solutions provider for over 15,000 clinical trials worldwide.