ERT and Bioclinica Merge

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ERT and Bioclinica join forces

to continue reinventing endpoint data collection by providing higher-fidelity data and more integrated solutions for higher effectiveness, greater efficiency, safer trials, and more patient-centric virtual solutions.

Optimizing Patient Journey

Optimize the Patient Journey

Advance patient centricity with solutions that are built on a meaningful analysis of the patient journey through design-thinking processes.

Accelerating Digital Transformation

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

 Deploy rapidly evolving, innovative, and patient-centric solutions across various endpoints to collect high-quality study data at home or a site.

Reinventing Endpoint Data Strategies

Reinvent Your Endpoint Strategy

Achieve higher-fidelity data in your studies by incorporating a myriad of objective and subjective endpoints to increase the certainty of your trial.

Discovering Hidden Insights

Discover Hidden Insights

Uncover unseen insights with powerful analytics and reporting tools that help you manage high volume and complex data across your studies.

You can meet evolving patient expectations with digital solutions

Today, clinical trial patients engage in virtual clinician visits at home, receive medication reminders on their phone, and complete personalized ePRO training on a tablet.

Seamless digital integrations and patient-centric solutions have become the new endpoint of clinical research. In response, sponsors and CROs have begun to innovate at a rapid pace.

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive endpoint technology solutions provider, ERT and Bioclinicia are excited to pioneer this industry wide digital transformation by providing:

  • The most robust, powerful, and flexible portfolio of data solutions
  • Scientific expertise across therapeutic areas and data collection modalities
  • A focus on delivering an enhanced customer experience

We commit to not just embracing positive changes, but accelerating them

ERT and Bioclinica share a foundation in innovative eClinical technologies. Together, we’ll continue to evolve by pushing the boundaries of clinical research technology. Our mission will always be to deliver more efficient trials to our customers.

How will we do it?

  • Offer hybrid data capture technology solutions
  • Capture high-fidelity data
  • Equip decisionmakers with expanded analytics and insights

Don’t miss an opportunity to improve trial outcomes

We’re acutely aware of the issues our customers face today in proving safety and efficacy. Restricted in-person access to patients has caused widespread disruptions to trial continuity. That’s why we’re proud to bring to you a broad portfolio of digital capabilities for the remote capture and oversight of high-fidelity data. Without adopting these solutions, you risk patient safety, site performance, and patient engagement.

Learn more about how ERT and Bioclinica’s merger will advance the clinical research industry’s ongoing digital transformation.