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Clinical Science Pipeline Strengthens eCOA Study Power

Ongoing research by ERT clinical scientists generates evidence on patient, caregiver, clinician and site staff understanding and ease of use for collecting clinical data electronically. Study results enable ERT Clinical Science and Consulting to design more intuitive and appealing screens to collect definitive endpoints and enhance patient/physician communications.

2014 Research: eCOA Patient Preference Studies

Diabetes, depression, osteoarthritis and COPD cohorts Susan M. Dallabrida PhD, Principal Investigator Laura Khurana MPH, Study Director Jamie Beck, Project ManagerThis 400-subject study was conducted in the US and designed to

  • Provide baseline knowledge of how patients are currently using technology to communicate with their physician;
  • Distinguish how these patient populations track and self-manage their chronic disease; and
  • Measure patient predilections for eCOA assessment questionnaire presentation, response options, and gamification.

Study evidence confirms patient preferences for using technologies to communicate with physicians and track and self-manage their disease, within the four cohorts.  Analyses provide insight into patient preference for real-time feedback in electronic patient reported outcomes (ePRO) and electronic clinical outcomes assessments (eCOA).

2015 Research: eCOA Studies

  1. Asthma & Allergy Patient Usability & Preference Study
  2. BYOD Studies (2)
  3. eCOA Use within Pediatrics, including the Role of Gamification

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