Reduce Site Burden & Increase Clinical Data Quality with Advanced Wireless Integrated Solution.

With the complexities of clinical trials, investigative sites are often overwhelmed by the number of devices, numerous training requirements, and multiple portals and logins they need to remember. Traditionally, clinical studies that involve both electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOAs) and ECG data collection that involve both ECG data collection and electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOAs) require the deployment of multiple devices, frequently provided by two separate vendors. This results in added logistics costs and overall trial inefficiencies.

For pharmaceutical sponsors, CROs, and biotech companies that seek to collect ECG and eCOA data in the same study, ERT’s innovative solution delivers the value of true integration for sites. The integration offered with ERT’s wireless ECG / eCOA tablet delivers a multifunction solution at a single point of use, making the trial more efficient and easing the burden on sites.

About ERT’s Wireless ECG / eCOA Tablet

With the wireless ECG / eCOA tablet solution, a small, lightweight, wireless ECG device is unified with a tablet, which streamlines data collection, eases burden on investigative site staff and improves quality with real-time data capture. Leveraging the integrated solution, clinical researchers collect vital objective cardiac safety endpoint data along with patient and clinician reported outcome data, resulting in a more comprehensive view into patient health and well-being. This unique integration of ECG and eCOA functionality is only available from ERT.

One Portal – One Login – One Point of Contact

When using this integrated solution, sponsors, CROs and sites benefit from a single point of contact and support with ERT. Instead of disparate systems from multiple vendors, the centralization of devices and data access across sites increases your data quality while reducing costs.

Value of Integration

ERT’s wireless ECG / eCOA tablet solution is shipped to investigative sites preconfigured for data collection and ready for immediate use. The tablet electronically captures COA data while also driving the workflow for ECG data collection. The patient hook-up procedure is simplified through a color coded diagram displayed on the tablet, which guides and verifies proper ECG lead placement and connection. This ensures better ECG data is collected while saving site personnel the time to review device manuals.

Once the ECG data is collected, it is wirelessly transmitted to the tablet, where the tracing is displayed for immediate review by the site. Patient ECG and eCOA data are collected and automatically transmitted to the ERT Insights Cloud™, a private clinical research system accessible to qualified study personnel in real-time online. This robust, secure and validated clinical research workflow simplifies electronic data collection, data management and information exchange, dramatically reducing both site workload and the volume of queries generated.

This easy-to-use, fully integrated solution minimizes site burden and improves research quality while remaining cost effective for sponsors and CROs. Utilizing this solution has a number of advantages:

  • Boosts operational efficiencies for stakeholders with a single partner and point of project management and support for both centralized cardiac safety and eCOA studies
  • Helps sites save time and employ a more efficient workflow with their patients
  • Decreases site burden by eliminating additional training and logins for disparate system
  • Reduces costs with the elimination of the ECG equipment rental fee and decreased shipping costs
  • Decreases logistics burden by having all equipment arrive at the sites in a single shipment
  • Avoids potential proxy servers and Internet connection complications that can be experienced by sites using ECG software on their local computers