Inbound and outbound data integration with
Sponsor, CRO and 3rd Party systems to
analyze, and monitor for data quality and
trial compliance in support of surveillance
and oversight.


As our industry strengthens its focus on Data Analytics, one of the largest barriers for our customers in reaching their goals is access to data. The value of data cannot be unlocked without full transparency and accessibility. In answer to this challenge, ERT has made significant investment in our infrastructure to meet the unique data services needs of our customers.

Automated file transfers solutions allow companies to:

Monitor and track all file transfers from a central platform

Securely and reliably exchange of critical data

Maintain visibility over all file transfer activity

Meet and maintain security and compliance requirements

ERT Data Transfer Solutions Offered


Receive cumulative ERT data, that is automatically transferred and configured to your specifications

Real-time Data Transfer

Provide ERT data to 3rd party systems in near real-time data stream.


Receive ERT data on-demand from ERT systems, over scalable Restful web service.

An ERT specialist is ready to discuss what matters to achieve your business goals.

Things to consider:

What systems are you looking to integrate into / what info is needed? EDC, IRT, CTMS, Data Lake/Warehouse, Reporting, Analytical, Risk Based Management Solution, Subject Eligibility, and etc.

What are the file formats needed? ECSV, SAS, ASCII, XML, JSON

What is the delivery mechanism can you support? API interface

What dataset do you need, some or all? Clinical, Operational, or Metadata and Admin Data

What is the desired frequency? Near real-time or scheduled



Our team of experts is always available to address any questions you may have about our Data Exchange solutions. Submit your contact information and we’ll be in touch shortly.