The ERT Difference

High-quality solutions. Scientific and regulatory expertise. Streamlined processes. ERT is a leading provider of high-quality patient safety and efficacy endpoint data collection solutions for use in clinical drug development. Our centralized approach streamlines each step of the clinical trial process, from the accuracy of your results to the impact on your bottom line. You can trust ERT to help you meet – and exceed – your study goals.



Creating trial success makes all the difference in your study results.

High integrity data is the result of our continually improving process. Having run over 7,200 studies and routinely delivering greater than 99% customer satisfaction, ERT truly possesses the expertise and the experience to surpass your clinical trial expectations and maximize your study investment. 

By delivering a combination of technology, services, and consulting, which increase the accuracy and reliability of patient safety and efficacy data, ERT’s customers benefit from improved efficiency of the clinical development process.

Our expertise in global logistics makes us fluent in the requirements of the 95+ countries we serve. Remote online assistance and 24-hour multilingual customer care support your investigators anytime, anywhere. The quality of our service is enabled, in part, through our comprehensive training, which can be delivered on-site, online, or via teleconference – making optimal knowledge available to you.



Multiple specialty areas. One united platform.

Centralized cardiac safety. Respiratory service. Suicidal risk assessment, and multi-mode Clinical Outcomes Assessments (COAs) – including patient, clinician, and observer reported outcomes (PROs, ClinROs and ObsROs). 

Choose to utilize our solutions independently or unite any combination into one comprehensive solution throughout all phases of your product’s development lifecycle. ERT’s flexible platform provides project management continuity across our clinical disciplines under the governance of a single contract, increasing the efficiency of reporting by integrating results and lowering trial costs.



Get the greatest value from your trial with a centralized approach — saving time and money is only the beginning.

ERT has been instrumental in leading the shift from conventional paper-based collection methods to streamlined electronic data collection – establishing a truly centralized approach to collecting clinical trial data. Traditional decentralized data collection methods are often recognized as less optimal and could put your trial at risk.

Many companies still rely on collecting and compiling data across multiple sites for a single trial, and reconciling that data later. But there are risks involved with this decentralized approach, risks that are easy to identify:  inconsistency of device functionality and usage, transcription or data input errors, and varied interpretation of results per site. 

In addition to the effects on your data, this decentralized approach creates an array of additional fees – be it related to the equipment, specialist evaluations or other site-specific requirements. These fees are generally not presented upfront, so the initial expense seems very cost-effective until you’re in too deep.

Conversely, the benefits of centralizing your study are clear. 

Bringing together all of your data in real time to one place improves the accuracy, efficiency and reliability of your clinical trial. Consequently, the quality of your results improves. This is possible because of EXPERT®, ERT’s proprietary technology platform. This consistent tool is used for monitoring, analysis, and cleaning as the trial progresses. Your data is therefore ready as soon as your study completes.



Clean data. Delivered on time, 99.9% of the time.

That’s the power of EXPERT® — our robust clinical-research workflow technology that customizes data processing and reporting to meet the unique needs of your study.

Our EXPERT Technology Platform enables you to proactively clean data as the trial progresses rather than wait until the end of the process. As a result, the accuracy of your reporting is improved and data is received on time, 99.9% of the time.  



Your data, on-demand.

My Study Portal allows study personnel to access the data contained in EXPERTâ. This distinctive online resource gives you secure, 24/7 access to vital data. The user-friendly web interface was developed to make data accessible to view and manage from anywhere in the world, on-demand and in real time.

My Study Portal empowers study personnel of all levels, such as clinical trial managers, CRAs, principal investigators, and medical monitors, to track trial progress. Key data is continuously updated to maintain a secure, centralized environment in which information can be accessed quickly at any time. Summary metrics provide overview snapshots of your trial status, minimizing the time and effort spent reconciling and monitoring your data. Supply orders can also be viewed and managed within the Portal for complete visibility of your resources.

My Study Portal is a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant system powered by ERT’s proprietary EXPERT Technology Platform.



Uniquely designed solutions for superior results.

At ERT, increasing the reliability and accuracy of data throughout a study is of the utmost importance. We specialize in creating customizable solutions in the areas of cardiac safety, respiratory service, suicidal risk assessment, and Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs) – including patient, clinician, and observer reported outcomes (PROs, ClinROs and ObsROs) – with products built to the specifications of your trial. The results:  increased efficiencies and high quality.