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The ERT Difference


Who better to describe the varied career paths — ways to grow and progress at ERT — than our employees?


From our new staff to team members who’ve been with us for a decade or more, individual experiences, backgrounds, educational pursuits, and interests come together to form the backbone of our industry-leading organization. Our employees show, in their own words, that exceptional client service, proven processes, and unparalleled technology make ERT a great place to be.

Meet our Team


Samira Gomes

Project Assistant for Project Management Department - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Samira GomesSamira became a CSS lead for ERT after just two years as a Cardiac Safety Specialist. Fast forward another two years and Samira's "passion for learning and training" led to her next stop, Customer Care, where she coordinated day to day activities, trained new hires and served as the direct contact for the Project Manager for cases in North and South America. Supported by ERT’s tuition reimbursement program, this Master’s degree candidate has most recently been promoted to the role of Project Assistant. As someone who takes pride in her work and in reaching goals she has set for herself, Samira now assists Account and Project Managers throughout the study lifecycle. She says her satisfaction with her professional career stems from an enjoyable work environment and "priceless friendships" with colleagues. With a willingness to take on new tasks regardless of whether it's outside her comfort zone, she says she looks forward to continuing to work for ERT because she truly feels “valued, respected and appreciated.”

Boris V. Itsenko

Senior ePRO Technical Consultant (ViaPhone Division) - Bridgewater, New Jersey

Boris V. ItsenkoBoris first joined the company in the Cardiac Safety department because he appreciated the dedicated attitude of the people “spanning a wide range of positions in the hierarchy.” He brought bilingual ability and experience with troubleshooting analog modems, and then made his move to call-flow design and implementation in ePRO’s IVR department. Now, describing life at ERT as a “fast-paced, ever-evolving extravaganza - intermissioned with breaks for tea”, this Senior ePRO Technical Consultant says that it is his intricate knowledge of the structure and interoperability of ePRO components that have kept him moving forward. When asked where he expects ERT to take him next, Boris pulls no punches, saying that he anticipates “a continuous journey of professional, personal and financial growth.”

Kurt Palmer

Senior Director of Information Technology - Bridgewater, New Jersey

Kurt PalmerAs someone who believes, “the harder the challenge, the more rewarding it feels to find a solution”, Kurt was excited to join ERT as a Senior Software Engineer in R&D, helping to create and implement the next generation of solutions and technology, EXPERT2. Taking a lead role from there, his Systems Architecture team modernized and scaled ERT technologies and aided initial product design review and refinement prior to launch. Today, as Senior Director of IT, Kurt is inspired by the fact that once ERT defines a trajectory, “our teams ensure that we get there”. The “we” he relies on, those he calls dedicated, talented, and visionary, made Kurt’s decision to join ERT an easy one. Speaking of the future, he adds, “ERT is a small company with big dreams. With its desire to remain an industry leader, it is always looking for new and innovative ways to transform itself. It is truly a rewarding company to work for.”


Kaska Rozmus

Project Assistant - UK Project Management Department

Kaska RozmusIntrigued by the clinical research aspect of drug development, Kaska, a native of Poland, joined ERT because she saw an opportunity to build a career. Starting out as a Data Coordinator, her focus and friendly, approachable manner made her promotion to Project Assistant a natural one. Interested in expanding on her experience and growing her skills, Kaska, a goal-oriented, determined person, has set her sights on a Project Manager position. “It is a role that will allow me to broaden my knowledge and venture into something new and exciting...especially Cardiac Services and Respiratory.” Always striving to ensure that she performs to the highest standards, Kaska, who has an MSc in Economics, feels a real connection to the ERT mission. Along with opportunities to travel, she most enjoys the “mix” of her workload and calls the ERT people “some of the nicest, sharpest and kindest” she’s met.

JG Badesha

Project Manager - UK Project Management Department

JG BadeshaStarting out as a Cardiac Safety Specialist, JG moved on to become a Project Assistant and then a Project Manager, working in each area for just under a year. A keen runner who enjoys a fast pace, the Peterborough-based team member describes life at ERT as “hectic, enjoyable and rewarding”. Interested in building upon her knowledge, JG wants to learn more about spirometry, ePRO and ECG. A fan of learning, JG would also like to try her hand at training, which would be a great way to pass along her commitment to customer satisfaction and ensuring good communication. When asked why she likes working for ERT, the future-focused Project Manager mentions liking her colleagues and that “no day is the same”.

Hannah Thorold

Project Assurance Representative - UK Logistics Department

Hannah ThoroldHannah joined ERT as a temporary employee covering for Maternity Leave. Feeling at home as part of the ERT team, she accepted a full time receptionist offer then quickly became a Maintenance Representative. In her current Project Assurance Representative role, Hannah works closely with Project Managers to set up studies and client sites, a great fit for someone who describes herself as a “laid back perfectionist”. What’s next? “ERT is always offering opportunities to take on new roles and responsibilities,” says Hannah, “I would like to look into working within the Project Management department or within equipment training.” Noting ERT’s employee focus and friendliness she enjoys the “rollercoaster ride” she’s on and, like the company, is focused on striving to be the best.

ERT Germany

Achim Berberich

Senior Specialist (Customer Care) - Hoechberg, Germany

Achim BerberichSeeing Achim pull into work on his Harley-Davidson, you’d probably guess that he is a person who not only looks forward to challenges, but values innovation. Here at ERT, he’s found both. He calls his job “steady and satisfying” and notes that he can fulfill his personal goals while working to help develop his department. Coming to the company with a curiosity about the medical industry, Achim started as a Customer Care Specialist — only the tenth employee in the whole department at the time — and was promoted to a senior position in just three years. With responsibility for monitoring, coordinating and helping to solve cases, Achim describes life at ERT as being about “teambuilding” and growth. When he’s not bending over backwards to assist a customer, Achim enjoys listening to heavy metal music and riding his motorbike (with a helmet, of course).

Jürgen Metzger

Senior Software Developer (R&D Embedded Systems) - Hoechberg, Germany

Jurgen MetzgerWhen Jürgen was searching for a more demanding professional life, he was pleased to find ERT — “one of the few high technology companies in the Wurzburg area.” From his first day of work, Jürgen had the impression he was part of the team and felt valued. As a software engineer, his ability to plan new software properly matches ERT’s mission of Getting It Done. Right. When asked why he enjoys working for the company, Jürgen cites the “short product cycles” that medical engineering offers — fast-changing challenges that give him the interesting work life he was after. Next up? Software architecture for the FlowScreen project and extending his knowledge of ERT’s project spectrum. From his ability to see the whole while being adept at specializing, Jürgen’s decision to join ERT has proved to be a smart move and a great fit.

Marlene Walter

Project Manager (Clinical Operations) - Hoechberg, Germany

Marlene WalterWith pharmacy experience, a vendor background, and English fluency, Marlene was positioned for success. But as with all new employees, ERT does all it can to help. “From the day I started,” Marlene said, “I felt I was in good hands. In our Trainee program, we learned about ERT’s internal processes and different departments’ tasks with hands-on sessions and well-trained teachers.” After just three months, Marlene was assisting an experienced project manager. Today, as a Project Manager running her own study with 200 sites, 24 countries and a “tremendous” study team in the USA, Marlene sees her hard work paying off. When asked what she likes best about working for ERT, Marlene says, “each day is different” and “everything seems to be possible.” Appreciative of the trust and respect she receives at ERT, Marlene also enjoys contributing to bettering the health of people with chronic diseases.