ERT’s Year in Review: 11 Pieces You Don’t Want to Miss


ERT’s Year in Review: 10 Pieces You Don’t Want to Mis

2020 was a year of evolution in the clinical research industry. In the face of unexpected and unprecedented challenges, we were inspired to adapt. The changes we made – and the benefits they bring to patients – are sure to be long lasting.

Throughout it all, there was a lot of knowledge to be shared. Below, we’re taking a look back at what you, our visitors, were most excited to learn about in 2020.

An Inside Look at the Latest ATS/ERS Guidelines (Podcast)

Last October, ATS/ERS updated their pulmonary function testing guidance for the first time since 2005. This February, Dawn Patterson, ERT Director of Respiratory Solutions, led an in-depth discussion of these updates with Kevin McCarthy, a member of the ATS/ERS 2019 Spirometry Update Task Force, on our Trial Better podcast.

“Racing for a COVID-19 Vaccine: Ensuring eCOA Data Quality When Time is of Essence” (Blog)

By the end of March, COVID-19 had fully captured the world’s attention. In “Racing for a COVID-19 Vaccine: Ensuring eCOA Data Quality When Time is of Essence,” we looked ahead to how electronic data capture solutions could play a role in the successful development of a COVID-19 vaccine.

“Methods Matter: Accelerating Oncology Clinical Trials” (Blog)

ERT’s Vice President of eCOA, Ken Faulkner, shared his thoughts on how advanced data capture solutions have the power to accelerate oncology clinical trials and bring treatments to patients faster by reducing inefficiencies.

“Patient Advocacy in Oncology” (Podcast)

In May, we had the pleasure of sitting down with patient advocate Deb Collyar on our Trial Better podcast. We gained a better understanding of patient advocacy in oncology research, and how the industry can move towards a truly patient centric model.

EPQT: ERT Early Phase Cardiac Safety Solution (Webinar)

Over the course of 2020, we brought you a wide variety of webinars. One of our most highly attended sessions focused on our Early Precision QT (EPQT) methodology. Dr. Borje Darpo, who coordinated the IQ-CSRC validation study, spoke with us about implementing EPQT into a Phase I study to get precise, actionable data earlier in the drug development process.

“The State of ECG/EKG Collection During COVID-19” (Podcast)

With the increased acceptance of telemedicine and trial decentralization, successful remote ECG/EKG collection for cardiac safety became essential to trial continuation. If you haven’t yet listened to this episode of our Trial Better podcast with ERT’s Brian Smith and AliveCor’s Dr. David Albert, you don’t want to miss it. 

Expanding ERT’s Endpoint Data Capture Solutions (Web page)

One of the highlights of 2020 was welcoming APDM and their wearable technology to the ERT family. The addition of wearables and digital biomarkers to our suite of eClinical products helps advance endpoint data possibilities in our customers’ clinical trials by capturing precise data about a patient’s movement. 

“A Better Way to Measure Cognitive Safety and Tolerability” (Webinar)

In July, we were excited to announce our partnership with Cogstate. Shortly after, our experts came together to host a webinar discussing the value of assessing cognitive safety and tolerability throughout the drug development process.

Announcing Joe Eazor as President & CEO (Press release)

October brought a change in leadership to ERT when Joe Eazor was announced as our new president and CEO. He said, “My commitment to ERT’s clients and employees is to bring more rapid innovation to the market with an unrelenting focus on quality and service delivery.” 

#NoGoingBack (Web page)

We made the #NoGoingBack pledge in November, committing to maintain the advancements that have been made in clinical research throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, including flexible options for trial participation for patients. We are excited to continue to develop adaptable data capture solutions to make trials easier for both sponsors and trial participants. 

Merged with BioClinica (Web page)

This December, we announced our merger with BioClinica. This is an exciting next step in our commitment to revolutionizing endpoint data collection. Together, we’ll deliver efficiency, patient centricity, and safety through the industry’s most comprehensive endpoint technology portfolio. We’re excited to work with our customers to push the boundaries of clinical trial strategy in the years to come.

Though no one could have anticipated all of the changes brought on by 2020, we’re grateful for the impactful lessons and growth we collectively experienced. Although we’re looking ahead, we’re proud of the leaps and bounds we made together to advance the clinical research industry. Thank you for sticking with us through it all!

We look forward to continuing to learn with you and accelerate advancements in digital endpoint data capture in 2021.