About ERT

ERT is the leading cloud platform solutions provider that captures quality efficacy and safety endpoints, harmonizes data from any clinical source system, and delivers real-time insights for optimum trial performance – innovating better health for over 40 years and tomorrow. ERT’s combination of technology, services, and consulting increases the accuracy and reliability of patient data and improves the efficiency of the clinical development process throughout the product lifecycle.  ERT provides sponsors and CROs with the most widely deployed solutions in centralized Cardiac Safety, Respiratory, Suicide Risk Assessment, and Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs including patient, clinician, and observer reported outcomes).  ERT is a global organization with headquarters in Philadelphia, PA and offices throughout the U.S., U.K., Japan, and Germany.



ERT Completes Acquisition of PHT Corporation

Combined company to better meet the growing need for innovative patient data collection solutions.

eClinical Insights

ERT announced the acquisition of eClinical Insights (eCI), an innovative provider of cloud-based clinical trials management software.

ERT Completes Registration for Kabushiki Kaisha

2013, ERT Completes Registration for Kabushiki Kaisha (KK) in Japan and forms a fully-owned subsidiary, ERT Asia Group, Ltd. ERT is committed to helping you collect high-quality patient safety and efficacy endpoint data for use in clinical drug development and healthcare settings.

ERT Acquires invivodata

July 9, 2012, with the acquirement of invivodata, ERT now offer sponsors, CROs and other third-party vendors unrivalled ePRO/COA solutions as well as scientific and regulatory consulting services.

ERT Acquires CareFusion Research Services (CRS)

June 1, 2010, with the completion of acquiring CRS, ERT opens up a broader choice of clinical technology offerings for existing and future customers, designed to bring the user the lowest cost and the best experience.

ERT Honored with Best New Product Award (BNP)

2009, ERT’s ePRO division receives the BNP at the 2009 European Outsourcing Awards for Suicidality Monitoring Solution (SMS). SMS is successful in overcoming many of the challenges associated with monitoring suicidal tendencies and improving patient safety.

ERT launches New Branding and Moves to New Corporate Office

In 2008, with the goal of continuing evolving and helping those whose lives depend upon our contributions, ERT has moved into a larger US corporate headquarters at 1818 Market Street, Philadelphia to better meet our current and future business needs.

CIO 100 Award received

In 2008, ERT receives the award from CIO magazine as one of the technology leaders companies. ERT demonstrates an ability to create new value using IT and to execute project well in innovative ways.

CDISC certification received

In 2008, ERT receives certification from the Clinical Data Interface Standards Consortium for ERT’s EDC product, which complies with CDISC’s Operational Data Model (ODM), the industry standard for clinical data acquisition and archiving.

Completion of 100th Thorough QT Study (TQT)

In 2008, ERT achieved the important 100th TQT milestone. Dr, Michael McKelvey, president and CEO of ERT, commented that this achievement “allows us to continue driving value for our sponsors, helping them reach their final regulatory hurdles with robust, high-quality cardiac safety data”

Launch of ERT’s ePRO line of business

2007, ERT acquires the licenses of the key assets of Healthcare Technology Systems, Inc. and launches ePRO. The acquisition includes the HTS interactive voice response system and 57 clinical assessments.

Acquisition of Covance Cardiac Safety Services (CCSS)

2007, under the 10-year agreement, all business units of Covance – the largest clinical research organization in the world – will exclusively offer ERT’s centralized ECG services to their clients.

invivodata’s (now ERT) ePRO system is the first to prove the value of PRO data captured electronically

2004, It was documented that PRO data captured electronically can increase trial sensitivity by reducing error variance, resulting in dramatically smaller, faster, less-expensive study. Proving the eDiary Dividend

FDA Commissioner’s Citation received

2003, the FDA Commissioner’s Citation recognizes ERT’s collaboration with other industry leaders in the definition of the XML digital ECG waveform format.

Launch of EXPERT Technology Platform

2002, EXPERT is the next generation of ERT’s industry-leading technology platform with advances in scalable capacity, intelligent and efficient workflows, and data security.

invivodata (now ERT) is first to document patient compliance with eDiaries

2002, significant increases in patient compliance with eDiaries was documented in an industry study in the British Medical Journal Patient Non-compliance with Paper Diaries

invivodata (now ERT) introduces the first wireless ePRO solution

2001, the first wireless electronic patient reported outcome (ePRO) solution was introduced.

Formation of eResearchTechnology, Inc. (ERT)

January 2000, PRWW forms eResearchTechnology as a wholly owned subsidiary. In April, 2001, the Company’s ticker symbol changed to ERES.

Focus on technology-based solutions

1999, PRWW sells its domestic CRO operations in order to focus exclusively on providing technology-based solutions to the clinical trials market.

Acquisition of DLB Systems, Ltd.

October 1997, Premier Research Worldwide (PRWW, Ltd.) acquires the assets and business of DLB Systems, Ltd., a provider of clinical trial and data management software, support and information technology consulting services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and device industries.

Addition of Clinical trial management capabilities

1995, CDSResearchWorldwide adds clinical trial management capabilities by forming a limited liability company, Premier Research LLC.

Move to Philadelphia

January 1993, the company’s name changed to CDSResesarchWorldwide to recognize its extension of marketing efforts and its increased participation in global studies. In February, Clinical Research Unit opened to conduct Phase I studies in Center City Philadelphia.

12-Lead ECGs

1990, the company name changed to CDSResearch due to its continued diversification of Holter, ECG and clinical laboratory services. The company also begins offering a full range of standard and esoteric clinical laboratory tests.

UK expansion

1987, CDS Ltd. expands to the United Kingdom to satisfy the needs of international pharmaceutical researchers for data collection, analysis and reporting.

invivodata (now ERT) creates the first handheld electronic patient diary (eDiary)

1987, invivodata co-founder Dr. Saul Shiffman created the first handheld eDiary to capture real-world, real-time PRO data in a trial of addictive behaviors.

Landmark cardiovascular study

1979, the company analyzes 4,500 holter recordings for the landmark cardiovascular study of the National institutes of Health’s Beta Blocker Heart Attack Trial with significant results. The company also begins electronically encoding Holter data.

First research Holter study

1975, from its first research Holter study project on an anti-arrhythmic agent, the company has successfully become the largest US provider of Holter monitoring service for pharmaceutical evaluation for FDA approval by the end of the year.

Cardio Data Systems founded

1972, Cardio Data Systems offers analysis of ambulatory (Holter) electrocardiograms.