Vaccines Trials in the COVID-19 Era and Tech’s Role in Speeding Studies

The COVID-19 outbreak has exposed the challenges pharmaceutical companies face as they race to develop a coronavirus vaccine.

Thrown into even sharper relief than usual are the needs faced by all vaccine trials to balance study speed, data accuracy and patient experience.

Additionally, given the fear of exposure and city mandates for individuals to stay at home, traditional patient recruitment challenges are exacerbated for a coronavirus trial.  Placebo groups are unlikely to be used and the virus affects a very broad and non-discriminate patient population.

So, what is technology’s role in supporting the faster evaluation of vaccines? The right data capture technology can provide some important ways to first speed up vaccines research and then gain quicker regulatory submissions, compared with traditional paper records.

However, with patients’ expectations , it’s important to provide an experience of suitable quality to those who give up their time to take part in a study.

This webinar will focus on:

  • Trial evolution so far and the impact of coronavirus
  • Specific challenges for trial sponsors working on a coronavirus vaccine
  • The impact of COVID-19 on patient attendance for studies
  • Patient experience in vaccines clinical trials
  • How to use virtual trial solutions, and when they’re not appropriate
  • Efficient capture of patient data and RWE in rapid deployment trials